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Definition of rehabilitation

action, process, or result of rehabilitating or of being rehabilitated: such as

a : restoration especially by therapeutic or cosmetic means to alter an item to a highly improved condition. Normally greater results come from seeing a Trained Specialist. (Like Us.)

b : the process of restoring someone or something  (such as a criminal or a Wrangler) to a useful and constructive place in society and on the trails. The rehabilitation of prisoners a prison rehabilitation program or the Wrehabilitation of a 1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep.

c : the restoration of something damaged or deteriorated to a prior good condition the rehabilitation of the neighborhood the rehabilitation of a person’s reputation the Wrehabilitation of a Jeep Wrangler.

When we started Wranglersdirect we thought we had the whole thing all figured out. But none of us could have prepared ourselves for the amazing satisfaction and feelings of pride that we would receive by Wrehabbing our own Certified Wranglers. We are so appreciative and blessed every day for the opportunity we have been given to continue working on and continuously learning about every part of these amazing machines. Take a look at our next 3 Wrehabs and follow along as we update their transformations   Our 2011 Sahara JK  aka “SARAH” our 2007 Rubicon JK aka “JACKAL” and our 2003 TJ aka “RED” 


With Gratitude being one of the driving forces thats guides our lives we decided that if we started to SHARE our own Wranglers Wrehab stories we just may be able to pay it forward and be of some help to others that may be working on their own Wrehabs. Or perhaps someone who may be in the market for an Amazing Wrangler. They can simply follow as we Wrehab our very own Certified Wranglers. This way they can see in clear detail exactly what they’d be bringing home with them. No corners cut, no bolt left un-polished, no satisfaction with anything less than our very best 100% effort. This is what you can expect at Wranglersdirect Wrehab.

Whatever your reason may be, hopefully you’ll enjoy just following along as we continue to update each Wrehab regularly until completion and or sale. Read Our Stories…