There are pros and cons to being special and being able to go where no other vehicle can go. And every once in a while you just have to go out and get a little dirty. Which of course is another one of the top 5 best reasons for owning a Wrangler and honestly way too many owners don’t ever get to truly experience.

One of the bigger challenges is, no drive-through car wash is going to get into those hard-to-reach- and easy-to-rust-areas. Never mind all those beautiful accessories getting damaged or broken. And you already know it’s going to be a heck of a job to get all that salt and mud off laying in your driveway, buying all the right products, and having all the right tools for a proper thorough cleaning.  And more importantly, who’s got that kind of time anyway?

The clean-up part takes away a little bit of the desire to actually go and have some real Wrangler fun. But it’s an important part of what makes Wranglers different our FUN level is off the charts. Let us help you enjoy every part of your Wrangler. How about we offer a much better option ** Just go have fun get messy and then drop it to the “SPA” at  Wranglers Direct. You can choose from one of the great packages we have available or custom to your needs, from a simple wash and vac to an all-out top-to-bottom Wrangler wre-incarnation , wre-juvanation , wre-awakening , wre-ckovery, wre-vival, ummmm sorry we never got a chance to name it. But I’m sure you get the idea. It’s the Royal Treatment and all Wranglers deserve to experience it at least Once in their lives.

We also offer some great weekly/monthly programs that you really might appreciate.
At Wranglers Direct we understand that your Wrangler is more than just a simple mode of transportation. It’s an extension of you and a reflection of who you are. Actually, it’s even more than that, it’s family. No matter what, you can be certain that we will provide you with over-the-top service with unparalleled attention to detail, using the finest techniques and a superb line of high-quality products. Our goal is to help you protect your Wrangler investment and also help you enjoy the experience of owning one to its fullest.

Here’s some of what we do. Simple version ” Whatever it takes “


  • Hand Washing & Waxing
  • Buff & Fill
  • Exterior Windows
  • Degrease & Dress Tires
  • Engine Wash
  • Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Thorough underbody and frame wash


  • Carpet, Seats, Trunk & Mats Vacuuming & Shampooing
  • Stain Removal & Carpet Protector
  • Clean Vents, Door Jambs & Dashboard
  • Wipe Interior Windows
  • Clean & Condition Leather
  • Odor Removal
  • Headliner & Upholstery

Other add ons

  • Headlight restoration
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Rim repairs
  • Tint removal
  • More coming

Packages Start at $ 49.95!  We also offer great deals for weekly and monthly programs. All Spa treatments are by appointment only.