Here’s what your Wrangler is probably thinking right now…

”Ok, I realize how much you paid for me. I really do.  But it’s just a part of this whole being-special thing. Companies just keep coming out with so many darn cool things for me to wear and use-and-abuse. How do I not add that amazing 52” LED light bar? Or that incredible Angry Birds grill. Or those beautiful color matching Fuel-brand wheels. Or, or, or ….

Luckily has access to all the major brands and all the great new accessories available, and they’ll work with you, your budget and your timeline to create the perfect representation of your personal touches so that everyone knows that this Wrangler is yours.   Just yours!  

Wrangler Lift Kit Installation Pros In RI will handle the entire process from ordering to installation and everything in between. Most importantly everything we do is done with your best interest in mind. Don’t just get on Amazon and start ordering things and wasting your time and money. Come see the family Wrangler specialists at who install these things every day and allow their experience to be a guide to saving your time and money. We love to install lift kits on Jeep Wranglers.  We are also your preferred Jeep Tire Shop in RI. We can get a better deal on any tire for your Wrangler, but we will tell you and show you the best option once we see your Jeep. Call us today or request a call back.




jeep wrangler lift kit installation near me

jeep wrangler lift kit installation near me

how much does it cost to install a lift kit on a jeep wrangler