FINALLY there’s an answer to the biggest obstacle most Wrangler owners have that holds them back from truly enjoying the FULL experience of owning their Wranglers.


Wranglersdirect.com would like to offer our SWAPaTOP service to all Jeep Wrangler owners. A sensible, hassle-free solution for removing and storing their hard tops,soft tops and doors.

With so many Wrangler owners out there living in apartments, condos, tents, barracks, cabins, caves, barns, grass huts ect ect; many just don’t have the space to remove and store their valuable Wrangler hard or soft tops and doors. Or just maybe you do have the space but don’t have the time, know-how, tools, ability or desire to properly remove them and just need someone to take away the worry and just handle it for you. Time to start enjoying your Wrangler and all it has to offer you. Wranglersdirect SWAPaTOP service is here to make it happen.

With nothing more than a few simple clicks or a quick phone call, you can easily arrange for the removal and storage of your Jeep hard or soft tops and doors (optional).

Our North Providence facility is climate-controlled and fully insured all tops are handled and stored with the highest level of care so you can be sure that your investment is safe, protected and out of harm’s way and in the hands of true professionals. We have several package options to choose from or can customize as needed.

* Wranglersdirect is not responsible for any vehicle water leaks that may occur after the top has been installed.
*Wranglersdirect is not responsible for theft/vandalism or acts of nature during storage.

*Payment in full is due when the top has been originally removed, installed or stored.
*This agreement assumes that the customer’s vehicle has all parts and/or accessories necessary to perform these services.
*Believe it or not your soft top can be delicate and even more difficult to store than your hard top. Storing it in a dry temperature controlled environment is not always as simple as it sounds. Soft top must be clean and dry prior to removal for storage.

Along with the following package deals we also offer daily, weekly and monthly rates. Just ask. Prices and rates based off availability

Removal & Installation

Our SWAPaTOP removal & install services make it so easy, all it takes is a quick phone call and we take care of everything. As you must know these tops are not cheap to repair or replace so it’s very important that you take the proper care when removing storing and installing your hard top. Why not just leave it to the experts.             

Call for pricing and availability    *Any transportation is additional (see office for transportation quote)


  • Hardtop Removal
  • Hardtop Seasonal Storage (6-7 Months)
  • Hardtop installation


  • Hardtop Removal
  • Soft top Installation
  • Hardtop Storage (6-7 Months)
  • Soft top Removal
  • Hardtop installation


  • Door Removal + Installation                             
  • Door Storage
  • Freedom panels storage
  • Top Restorer and Repairs
  • Cleaning x2
  • Any transportation is additional  (see office for transportation quote)