Tires and rim packages are usually the first step to personalizing your new Wrangler. But it’s not an easy or inexpensive decision to make. So many amazing options to choose from.

How big should I get? “33s”,”35s”, more? Will they fit? 

Will it change the ride? So many options how do I choose?

Is there any warranty?  How will they affect my Wrangler’s performance?

Will I need a lift kit? Does it change my speedometer? How about that road noise? 

All of these questions and more can and will be answered by the professionals that SPECIALIZE in Wranglers. Not some tire guy that deals with all makes and models. Why not start out with some experienced help and guidance and potentially save yourself some money and disappointment?  Bad planning can be expensive…Especially when it comes to wheels and tires.

So, one of the great things about Wranglersdirect.com specializing in just Jeep Wranglers is that we are more familiar with what’s best and why for only Jeep Wranglers. ( Don’t ask us about a Hyundai ). And of course, we get dealer direct pricing on a huge assortment of Wrangler wheels and tire packages. Of course, After the hard part of choosing your package, we provide all services needed to get these together and on your rig.

We are a proud retailer of several product lines such as Fuel, Black Rhino, Nitto, Tactik, M/T, and more. Getting help and saving money sounds pretty good, right? And you can’t imagine how great it is for us to get to watch our NEW family members when they first lay their eyes on their beautiful personalized Wrangler with some amazing new rims and tires as it rolls out of the garage. aaaaaahhhhhhh And on that note, I will leave you with that spectacular vision……….

By the way, did I mention we take lots of photos and video!